The Anger

When you mistreat enough people for a long enough time, eventually, with nothing to lose, they’ll find a way to take you down.



Oil and Immigration: A Balanced Ecosystem

151202-scotlandThe low oil price would have bankrupted Scotland. EU migrants cost us money.

Neither of these statements are true.



Crossling Lines and Getting Lost: JK Rowling

JK-Rowling-SUM_234_3140427aScotland’s political landscape has many recurring themes at present. One of the most reliable for a feeding-frenzy is anything involving Twitter and JK Rowling.

This article is entirely my opinion of JK Rowling and the changes she has underwent over the past 24 months.



The Mitigation Game

Westminster’s tax credit cuts are being reversed.

We have the power! To mitigate!

That’s good, right?



The Right-Wing Consensus

david-cameron-afp_1756816cTraditional and social media is today ablaze with David Cameron’s comments regarding Jeremy Corbyn being a threat to ‘national security, economic security and your family’s security.’

I’ll ignore for now quite how comical the idea of a 65 year old pacifist who was only elected yesterday already being a threat to all those things is.

Perhaps let him actually do something first.



Jeremy Corbyn and the House of Cards

Jeremy-Corbyn-11_3328948bThe Corbyn Factor will be one to watch over the next few years.

Even if there is little to no chance of him becoming Prime Minister, it’s still going to leave a mark.



Looking Back With Myopia

Yes should have did this better.

Yes should have done that better.

Really… give it a rest.



The Inevitable Rise of Euroscepticism

greece-yes-no-oxi-nai-schaeubleAs the dust settles on Greece and her people prepare to lose what little they have left, the powers that be may wish to take stock of their own house and the damage that has been done to it over the past 2 weeks.



Tough Love: Greece’s Battle and War

syriza-5702The story of Greece’s stand-off with the EU has dominated the news for weeks.

It’s sometimes easy to forget that, while we read news commentators sneering and smirking at politics and negotiations happening thousands of miles away, real people will live or die as a consequence of it all.



The Intelligence Test

Hudson's_Dossier_BOI have no idea if the Scottish Labour Cybernat Dossier is authentic. I hope not.

If it is, though, then we have finally reached the point where we have a test to identify who is and is not a moron.


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